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Centennial Surgery Center


Welcome to Centennial Surgery Center! We are pleased with your decision to take advantage of our facility. Our staff will ensure your upcoming visit is comfortable and as pleasant as possible. Centennial Surgery Center provides personalized setting, individualized and highest quality of care for your interventional pain management needs.

Centennial Surgery Center is aware that interventional pain management procedures can create anxiety and apprehension. We hope that if any information or questions are not answered on our website, that you will call and speak with one of or fine staff at the Centennial Surgery Center.

Our mission at Centennial Surgery Center is to provide a comprehensive quality care approach for individuals for non-emergency healthcare services administered to patients who wish to receive intermittent services or want to remain in an outpatient setting.

It is our goal to provide specifically tailored individualized care designed to meet patient and therapeutic goals, coordinate ambulatory and continuing care needs to facilitate efficient and cost effective care. We also provide patient and family education to facilitate self-care and integration back into the community. We evaluate the effects of care through existing performance improvement activities and collaborate with other relevant medical personnel in decision making.

Centennial Surgery Center's warm helpful staff, efficient and clean environment and the special individualized attention received by our staff will assist with minimizing any stress or anxiety that you may feel associated to your interventional pain management procedures.

Arrival and transportation

We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled procedure with a list of your medications and with the person who is offering you transportation home. You will undergo a procedure that likely will require anesthesia. A driver is needed for your transportation needs post your procedure.

Copay and deductibles

At the time services are rendered, any copays or deductibles are due.


You will need to bring your picture ID for each visit. Centennial Surgery Center takes all measures in ensuring your identity is not compromised.

Centennial Surgery Center intake forms
Our Surgery Center will make every effort in trying to minimize your paperwork. However, some of our forms and questions may seem repetitive, but they are necessary for your interventional pain management procedure and billing.


Please wear loose fitting clothing for your interventional pain management procedure. We will have you change into one of our gowns prior to your procedure.

After care instructions

One of the members of our nursing staff from Centennial Surgery Center will contact you on next day post-op by phone to discuss how the procedure went and how you are doing.