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Up to 2% of all Americans suffer a herniated disc each year. If you have unbearable back or neck pain, Centennial Spine and Pain can help. With offices on Decatur Boulevard and Flamingo Road in Las Vegas, Nevada, the highly skilled team offers diagnostic procedures like discography and interventional pain management solutions like injections and spinal cord stimulators to correct the problem and get you back to moving normally. Book your appointment using the online scheduler or call the office nearest you for help today.

Herniated Disc Q & A

What is a herniated disc?

Spinal discs — the small cushioning sacs between your vertebrae — have a gel nucleus with a rubbery exterior. A herniated disc is one in which you develop a crack in the rubbery disc exterior, which allows some of the nucleus to push outward. This extruded nucleus can irritate nerves in your spine, leading to pain in that area. 

Herniated discs usually occur in the low back (lumbar spine) or neck (cervical spine) area. A herniated disc can also cause shooting pain that moves down your leg or arm. 

What causes a herniated disc?

The main cause of herniated discs is age-related disc degeneration, or degenerative disc disease. It's normal for your discs to grow less rubbery and more brittle over time, and unfortunately, this means that even a simple movement, like a sharp twist, could potentially lead to disc herniation. 

In many cases, it's impossible to determine the exact moment of disc herniation. Although rare, spinal trauma, like a sports injury or auto accident, could potentially lead to a herniated disc.

What kind of symptoms does a herniated disc cause?

A herniated disc doesn't always cause symptoms. In fact, some people find out that they have a herniated disc only because they're having spinal imaging for other reasons. But, many people do experience serious and disruptive issues with a herniated disc, such as:

  • Severe pain in your low back or neck
  • Pain that shoots down your buttock and leg
  • Pain that shoots through your shoulder and arm
  • Numbness 
  • Tingling
  • Muscle weakness

If you're having one or more of these symptoms, an evaluation at Centennial Spine and Pain can determine whether those issues stem from disc herniation or another source. 

What is the treatment for a herniated disc?

Treatment of a herniated disc can range from conservative care to surgery. At Centennial Spine and Pain, the team does everything possible to help you find relief without surgery. 

If rest, physical therapy, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) don't help, the team may recommend epidural injections. 

With an epidural injection, you receive an anesthetic and steroids in the area where your herniated disc irritates your nerves. This decreases inflammation and swelling considerably, which can then reduce your symptoms. 

For especially severe herniated disc symptoms, the team may recommend a radiofrequency ablation procedure to disable the affected nerve or a spinal cord stimulator implant to intercept nerve pain signals. Usually, you don’t need spine surgery for a herniated disc.

To learn more about how interventional pain management can help with your herniated disc pain, call the Centennial Spine and Pain office nearest you or book an appointment online.