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If you’re not finding pain relief with nonsurgical therapies, the surgical team at Centennial Spine and Pain can determine if spine surgery is right for you. At the offices on Flamingo Road and Decatur Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada, the pain management specialists use the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques to correct failed back surgeries, treat postsurgical pain, and implant spinal cord stimulators. To find out if spine surgery is an option for you, call the Centennial Spine and Pain office nearest you today or book a consultation online.

Spine Surgery Q & A

What type of spine surgery is available?

The pain management specialists at Centennial Spine and Pain offer several types of spine surgery to treat chronic pain and its underlying cause.

The skilled surgeons specialize in spine surgery procedures that address:

Failed back surgery

There are several reasons why you may experience ongoing pain after a spine surgery. In some cases, certain patients that undergo surgery may not be a good candidate for the procedure because of underlying degenerative disc disease, or other complications.

Follow-up spine surgeries are available to address underlying conditions that caused your initial surgery to fail.

Pain after spine surgery

Some people may have a successful back surgery but still develop persistent pain because of recurrent disc herniation, nerve compression, or because of a technical error during surgery.

The team offers surgeries to correct issues that trigger ongoing spine pain so you can achieve long-term pain relief.

Pain resistant to conservative treatments

If you’re experiencing chronic pain that can’t be managed with other therapies, spinal cord stimulation may be an option. Treatment involves the surgical placement of lead wires into your spine that connect to a small generator the surgeons implant into the skin of your buttocks.

The team at Centennial Medical Group performs both the trial implantation of the lead wires and the permanent placement of the stimulator’s generator to help you find long-lasting relief of chronic pain.

When should I consider spine surgery?

Typically, spine surgery is a last-resort treatment option for chronic pain and serious mobility issues that result from a traumatic spine injury or an underlying degenerative disease that affects the health of your spine.

If you have chronic pain and medications or injections are no longer working well for you, you should schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Centennial Spine and Pain. The team uses on-site imaging tests and performs a comprehensive physical exam to identify the cause of your pain.

They may initially recommend physical therapy, medications, and other nonsurgical treatments to ease your symptoms and help you recover from your injury or disease. If conservative therapies aren’t enough, the team can determine if you’re a candidate for spine surgery.

How long does it take to recover from spine surgery?

Everyone heals differently after surgery. However, you can expect to need several weeks of recovery time after your procedure.

The team at Centennial Spine and Pain can often use minimally invasive surgical techniques that require small incisions and specialized surgical tools.  The use of these techniques means you can heal faster and with less risk for bleeding and infection than you might with traditional surgery.

The surgical team offers comprehensive follow-up care after your surgery to ensure you heal fully. They may also refer you for physical therapy and other resources that help you regain your mobility during the recovery process.

To find out if you’re a candidate for spine surgery, call the office of Centennial Spine and Pain nearest you today or book a consultation online.