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Hip Pain

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Hip conditions can cause aching pain that significantly interferes with your everyday activities.  At Centennial Spine and Pain, our team of interventional pain management experts offer the most advanced long-term solutions for hip pain to relieve your symptoms. Call to book an appointment today at centennial spine and pain to begin living your best life.


Hip Pain Q&A

What is hip pain?

Hip pain is a common problem that becomes more widespread when patients reach their 50s. It may be primary (coming from your hips) or referred pain from your lower back. Hip pain can be particularly disabling because your hips are such large joints, and it’s difficult to rest them. It interferes with daily activities, including your ability to walk, and stops you from doing your favorite outdoor pursuits.

What are common hip pain causes?

Ligament and tendon sprains can cause hip pain, along with a dislocation or fracture. However, two of the most common causes are Arthritis and bursitis. Osteoarthritis it develops when the cartilage on the ends of the bones forming the joint degrades and wears away, generally as a result of aging. Other forms of the disease include rheumatoid arthritis, where a malfunction in your immune system causes it to damage the joints.

The trochanter is the prominent bone on the outside of your hip. Trochanteric bursitis is irritation Trochanteric bursitis is irritation of the bursae (sacs of fluid protecting the joint) that causes inflammation and pain.

How is hip pain treated?

Rest and gentle heat often relieve hip pain. You might also benefit from using ice packs several times a day with conditions like trochanteric bursitis. Physical therapy can also be important in overcoming hip pain. It helps to strengthen the muscles and connective tissues and stops the joint from getting too stiff.

If your hip pain is due to sciatica, relieving compression on the sciatic nerve should resolve your condition. Centennial Spine and Pain also offers many innovative nonsurgical treatments for hip pain.  Each of our experienced providers will evaluate your care needs and further discuss all options that would be best suited for your specific treatment.  Call to book an appointment today at Centennial Spine and Pain to begin Living Your Best Life.