Please be advised that Centennial Spine and Pain does NOT write prescriptions for an initial consultation. Please also be advised that your treatment plan will be developed by your provider and does NOT guarantee any controlled or Opioid medications will be prescribed as we are focused on interventional medicine treatments and procedures to treat the root cause of the problem WITHOUT the use of Opioid medications
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Interventional Pain Management

Living with pain every day can prevent you from living your best life.  Centennial Spine and Pain is an interventional pain management practice that offers outstanding pain and spine care treatments for residents living in and around Las Vegas, Nevada.

The physicians at Centennial Spine and Pain bring a broad range of training and expertise to the practice. All are highly skilled and committed to impacting the lives of every patient they treat.  Centennial’s providers share a passion for personalized care. No two people have the exact same experience with pain; therefore, each individual deserves a customized approach. The providers at Centennial Spine and Pain take the time to get to know patients and their needs.  Treatment planning is flexible to ensure that each patient has a variety of options to provide the greatest outcome.  Schedule a visit at Centennial Spine and Pain to explore available treatment options that are geared specifically to your needs.


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  • Are your feet or extremities burning from neuropathy?
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